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“Selling is the art of asking the right questions to get the minor yeses that allow you to lead your prospect to the major decision. It’s a simple function, and the final sale is nothing more than the sum total of all your yeses.”  

Ton Hopkins

With years of successful experience under my belt and millions of dollars in sales, I have learned and regularly practice the most important principles in successful selling and business development.


I have taught and assisted many in their quest to become more successful in their own fields.

The Sales Process

#1 – Prospecting & Business Development

#2 – Building a Connection

#3 – Qualifying Your Potential Clients Early

#4 – Establishing The Fit 

#5 – Learning The Client

#6 – Discussing The Fees

#7 – Proposing and Presenting Solutions

#8 – Handling Objections and Concerns

#9 - Closing the Sale


•  Do you have a new sales team that lacks know-how or experience?

•  Do you have a sales team that has lost its purpose or not performing?

•  Are your sale numbers going down, instead of up?

•  Is your sales team well-trained?

These are just a few questions you should ask yourself, and decide why you need someone with experience and years of success to help you.

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