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Q: What can I expect from working with you?

A: You can expect exactly the same thing I would expect: a professional with the right combination of passion, experience, expertise, and attention to detail. Someone who will bring the same care to your project as I would to my own. Someone who stands behind her work and wants you to be 100% satisfied

Q: Why are you qualified to do my work?

With over 15 years of marketing, writing, and creative experience, I focus on each project, keeping in mind the expected results.  I keep myself appraised of trends and the latest branding approaches to present a fresh and enticing project.

Q: What is your process?

A: Not always the process is exactly the same, but this is pretty much how I work:

1. I zeroing in on the target market

2. I learn everything there is to know about what your project is all about and your expectations.

3. Getting details on the purpose of the content.

4. Develop a structure

5. I start developing

6. Editing and proofreading

7. Send the first draft to the client

8. I Incorporate the client's  feedback

9. Present the final draft to the client

10. Deliver Final Work

Q: Can you offer other value-added services?

A: Yes, I can; services such as graphic design, photography, stock photos.


Q: Do you charge more for rush jobs?

A: Yes, as it will take time away from other projects.

Q: How soon can you start my project?

A: That is something we would have to discuss. Depending on my current projects, I am serious about meeting deadlines.  I treat all my clients with respect to their needs and timelines. I don't make promises I can't keep, and I don't take on work I can't deliver.

Q: What are your rates, and what do they include?

A: it depends on what you need. Each client has different needs and requirements.  Some clients need evaluations; some clients have clear ideas of what they want; other clients need me to do research, and some clients provide the elements they expect on the job, while others expect me to handle everything. Basically, almost all of the work I do is custom work.  If you have a project you think I could help with, I'd be happy to discuss it with you in detail and provide you with my rates. Please know that you are never under any pressure or obligation, and I respect your privacy and information absolutely.  I know my rates are fair and representative of the quality work I provide and what you expect.

Q: What do your fees include?

A: My fees include all of the work that we negotiate in advance and also include two revisions as required as long as the scope of the project remains the same. I want you to be thrilled with my work—my business demands it!  Any additional work to be performed that was not included in the initial negotiations will be presented for your approval prior to doing the work.

Q: How do I go about hiring you?

All our initial contact is best done by email. Once we agree to work on a project, we schedule a phone call or virtual meeting to discuss the details.  I use a simple retaining agreement that includes the fee(s), information on the work required, and the terms. Once all that is in place, I require a deposit of 50% in advance.

Q: What kind of turnaround times can I expect?

A: Once I evaluate the scope of the work to be done, I will provide a turnaround time.

Q: We are in different States. Can we still work together?

A: Absolutely! That's the beauty of online work; it can be done from anywhere.

Q: Can you work with other members of my team?

A: Yes, I can.  However, I prefer to communicate with no more than two people on each project to avoid confusion and misinterpretations.

If you have any questions I haven't addressed here, feel free to send me an email.  I will respond within 24Hrs.

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